Dec. 9. The Feasting Party - Salonika

"We all tried to look as though we'd drank not wisely but too much"
From a collection relating to William Waterworth from Preston who served with the British army on the Macedonian Front in Salonika, during the Great War. William is seated (centre) holding the bottle, Christmas 1917. On the back of this photo of his motley crew, (the title and the caption are his), William has scribbled in pencil "Rotten Attempt!". It is just one of many fascinating contributions to Europeana 1914-1918 from across the European powers fighting there in Greece of letters, postcards, and candid photographs from a front which is relatively forgotten.

This story was shared by Terry Casey, and is licensed as CC BY-SA.

To read the whole story and see pictures of William and his friends, go to http://europeana1914-1918.eu/en/contributions/3231.


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