Dr W. Roy Blore: One family's artifacts reassembled

The Great War Archive was contacted by David Blore of Pershore in Worcestershire, who held a fascinating collection of artifacts relating to his father, Dr W. Roy Blore, who served as a medical officer in Gallipoli and on the Western Front. David held some incredible items, including letters, diaries, medical instruments and even his sleeping bag. Missing however was a photograph of Dr. Blore. These were held by David's brother Stephen, who lived in Newbury.

The two brothers, able to submit items separately through the Great War Archive web site, have thus reassembled their father's collection. This photograph ties the collection together, now viewable alongside the letters that described the dugout in great detail. The dugout is sketched out in one letter, and he describes the chair which was shipped over from England in his luggage, and is visible in the photograph. Also described in the letter is his 'washing', which is probably the Kapoc sleeping bag hanging on the bushes. He describes the waterproof cover on the left of the photos and the location and direction of the ditches designed to keep his dug-out dry. The film was developed in Cairo in January 1916, and this photo was probably taken between August and October 1915 at Suvla Bay.