Dec 21. Christmas in British POW camp

Programme from Christmas concert in Handforth POW camp
Wilhelm Jansen Joerde (1896-1982), from Dohr/Reydt was drafted into the German army in the middle of the War. He fought at the Somme in 1917 and was badly wounded, so badly that his leg had to be amputated with haste. Later that same year, he was taken prisoner and moved to the Handforth prisoner of war camp in Cheshire, UK. He spent about two years in the camp, and saved a number of documents from that time. Among his papers are programmes from plays and concerts put on by the prisoners, including events held at Christmas 1917. 

The story of Wilhelm Jansen Joerde was shared by Brigitte Hensen under a CC BY-SA licence. To read the original story (in German) and see the collection of 50 documents, go to the Europeana 1914-1918 site.

This post is part of our Advent calendar. New stories are published every day from Dec 1 until Christmas.

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