Dec 12. On the frozen river Main

This picture shows a mother and her son on the frozen river Main in Frankfurt. The picture was taken some time in the winter 1916/1917. Although the scene may look idyllic with the skaters and the cathedral in the background, there is a sad note to it. The Schuster family had left their home for the perceived security in Frankfurt. However, life there was hard and many people died of disease, starvation and cold. Some time after the picture was taken, the family had to flee again to get away from the war.

This picture and story was shared by Franziska Bandur, the great-grand-daughter of the woman in the picture. It is made available under a CC BY-Sa licence. To read the original story (in German) and see one more picture, go to http://europeana1914-1918.eu/en/contributions/6867.

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Franziska Bandur
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