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Mittwoch, 23 Mai 2012
Celje Public Library / Osrednja knjižnica Celje

Father sends his daughter toys from the trenches

There is no doubt that while soldier Charles Grauss was garrisoned with his regiment in France, the one person never far from his thoughts was his daughter, Gishlaine.

During this time as second lieutenant with the 339th and the 286th infantry regiments, he carved and painted a number of miniature farm animals for his little girl to play with.

The set contained in a metal box, included; a pig, donkey, rabbit, dog, mouse, sheep, duck and hen. Grauss also sent Ghislaine a touching letter with comic illustrations of them both; the beautiful house he wanted to give her mother, and kisses for the child he loved so dearly.

Grauss was killed in battle on April 29, 1918, aged 37.

The items, which were accompanied by a sketchbook with drafts, water colors and pictures of fellow soldiers from the different areas of France where he was stationed, were contributed by the Memorial de Verdun, a French museum dedicated to the 1914-1918 war.

By Jackie Storer . 
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